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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany

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Focus On What Matters. Your Customer.

At Bouncing Orange, we believe the Truth exists within your customer. It’s a revolutionary thought. The Truth exists in your customer, not your product. Understanding Truth comes from understanding the problem your product solves, and how it adds to the lives of your customers. In truth, it’s not about getting it cheaper – how is that a sustainable business model? It simply destroys the fabric of the economy, and leads to the production of inferior quality goods because ‘the client’ wants it cheaper, and faster. True value comes from understanding how what you do solves a deeper need for why your customer needs your product or service. Focussing here will allow you to arrest the blood bath of price focussed cannibalism.

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Digital Consulting

Digital Consulting is our knowledge for your benefit. It is how to be ahead of your competition, a tool to upskill and inform you, and an affordable way to drive efficiencies, reduce stress and save money.

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Online Marketing

Making you bounce when all around is flat. There’s no point in building an amazing website to have it sit unfound in the background. It’s just going to feel lonely.

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Web design & Development

Understand your customer. Great websites come from insights about your customer and the knowledge you have regarding their lives. They’re well laid out, easy to navigate, have a content hierarchy to them (both in words and images), have a consistent look across– each page, and if you’re really clever, have lots of white space.

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Brand Development

A brand is what you stand for. Your product is what you do. Your Brand is not only your logo, though it’s an important part. Your Brand is much more than this. Your Brand also includes the things your business stands for, the things people think and feel about you when your name comes to mind, what people associate with you. Your Brand is what you stand for.

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Our Purpose. Always Grow Value.

Adding value is a well used cliché intended to oil the wheels of business. Always grow value differs because of our clear understanding about the importance of Growth. To grow value involves getting on-board at a deeper level, understanding your business from within. To add value is simply to add features and benefits to widgets. New features and benefits may achieve a short-term result, but at Bouncing Orange we don’t believe it grows value because of its’ failure to understand deeper structure workings. For example, it’s vital to improve inward value, where outward demand is created as a result. Consumers will not value your company (and behave differently) if they do not understand the deeper, more significant reasons why they ought to choose you ahead of a competitor who offers the same (or similar) product (for less?). At Bouncing Orange, we always grow value.

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