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Hit The Nail (But Not Your Customer) On The Head

Google Adwords

By putting your message at the top of a search page, your Google AdWords ad campaign is seen first as customers reach out to find what they need online. Driven by Google auctioning keywords, an effective Bouncing Orange AdWords campaign delivers you highly qualified web traffic from people who are in the market now. AdWords delivers financial accountability to your online marketing efforts because you only pay for people who click on your ad (Google call this Pay per click). This makes them measurable and reportable.

But it’s not as simple as just paying for clicks. Google also apply another variable called your ‘Quality Score’. This is a metric used to determine how useful the content of your ad is to the user. Your message content has to be relevant to what people are searching for, where Google will use this factor to access your suitability to bid for clicks. If your message is not relevant, Google will negatively assess your ad in comparison with others, and it’s less likely your ad will be considered worthy enough to appear.

It’s Not As Simple As Buying Traffic,

and that’s how Bouncing Orange will help. As part of our overall work together, we’ll

  • devote a significant amount of time to understanding you and your customer/s
  • this leads us to insights that will inform the content of your ads
  • where applying this knowledge is how your become more effective
  • and assist when Google determine your Quality Score.

Our focus is the same as yours. To increase generate increased web traffic by achieving better click throughs from your ad. We’ll enhance you through deeper and more effective matching of what you do with why your potential customer wants you. The alternative is just too risky, not to mention an ineffective use of money.

We’ll work with you to be responsive to online feedback, where we’re focussed on the effectiveness of how your ads are working. Our work often involves changing the direction or emphasis of your ad, more closely aligning it with the needs and wants of your consumers. Others call this a big-picture approach, we call it hitting the nail on the head.

Contact us for a conversation with us to enhance your AdWords campaign starting today.

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