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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany

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Ambient Design

Bringing Your Brand To Life

Ambient Design

At Bouncing Orange, we believe your brand and its’ messages are most effective when they’re experienced across multiple media. Yes, a key part of your armoury is bringing your brand to life on your website. But we all know there is life beyond online (stop it, you’re breaking our heart). One creative, effective and engaging medium to tell your brand story is Ambient design.

Ambient design (and ambient advertising) is about placing your messaging in unusual places where an ad wouldn’t usually be. By definition then, ambient is about being innovative. It’s about thinking differently which leads to ‘ah-ha’ moments in the mind of your customer. It’s those moments that enhance and drive your brand recognition and reputation. You know the kind, the ones when people have a reaction to your clever intelligent approach and in doing so think more highly of you as a result of your efforts.

Creating Ambient Design

is a Bouncing Orange speciality. We have creatives and designers who live and breathe ideas.

But ambient design is not just limited to innovative ways to deliver your message. It also extends to designing your office, your boardroom, your point of sale, store signage, even sales ideas and tactics. How, you might ask, does a digital agency get involved in an area like this? Because it’s an extension both of our belief in enhancing what you do, and it’s a powerful opportunity to extend your brand, your story, and your key customer benefits out further than your website. For us, great ideas are ideas that stand out – and this is where we focus.

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