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A Brand Is A Persons Gut Feeling About A Product, Service or Organisation

Marty Neuimer

A Brand Is What You Stand For.
Your Product Is What You Do.

Your Brand is not only your logo, though it’s an important part. Your Brand is much more than this. Your Brand also includes the things your business stands for, the things people think and feel about you when your name comes to mind, what people associate with you. Your Brand is what you stand for.

Think Nike: what phrase comes to mind? What about Toyota? What phrase pops into your head? The same applies for businesses that no longer exist. What about WA Salvage? Just do it. Oh what a Feeling! We’re not fancy but we’re cheap. Three phrases capturing the essence of what both what a business stands for, and simultaneously, what they offer you as a customer. Each phrase (we call them Positioning Statements) gives you an idea of what to expect from the business. The phrase is a window into the world of motivations for that business. Brand Positioning Statements are developed from strategic Positioning work, the objective of which is to take ownership of a unique concept in people’s minds. Your Brand then is more than your logo, it’s the associations people make, the things people think and feel when your name comes to mind.

But Speaking of

logos, a logo does form a key part of your Brand. It’s an integral aspect of your visual identity, acting as an aid to trigger recognition of you and your business. Comprised of a colour palette, font, and complementary design elements, the intent of a Logo is to tell your story in a unique way.

In todays fast paced, distracted world a concisely presented and communicated Brand forms part of your competitive armoury. If customers understand you clearly, they are armed with the knowledge of why they should use you, so when they need arises, yours is the business that comes to mind.

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