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Content Management

Hands Up, Who’s Knows Someone With OCD Tendencies?

Content Management.
Hands Up, Who’s Knows Someone With OCD Tendencies?

Did you check the garage door was closed as you left this morning? How about your desk: will things be straightened and put in order before leaving the office today? And the knives in the cutlery drawer, are they all facing the same way?

Beginning our Content Management section by checking your OCD status seems a little odd right? (It’s not because we have a cutlery fetish by the way). Entering the world of Content Management managing your website requires a little more than a casual approach. Being a champion of content demands a passion for accuracy, checking and what the heck, checking once again. While being OCD is not a requirement, an eye for getting it right combined with a desire to make your customers’ experience the best it can be are at the top of list of skills required.

But we don’t mean to put you off. Thank goodness you’re reading our site. A Bouncing Orange website has Content Management Systems (CMS) you’ll love. Gone are the days where websites were the secret squirrel realm of pimpled geeks with thick rimmed glasses and a haircut gran would lick her fingers to stick down. Nowadays, we’re very good looking. We’ve upped our game entirely. Now we style our own hair. Ok ok, seriously now (sorry, we got distracted). Using either Squarespace, WordPress or Drupal, our Bouncing Orange CMS systems are super user friendly, so much so they now operate using everyday ‘drop and drag’ computer skills. Being true to our value of enhancing you, Bouncing Orange will also train you in ensuring your drop and drag skills are smooth, within the margins, and with a touch of class.

We don’t stop there. Todays world loves metrics. Everyone wants to talk Google Analytics, User journey, time on page, unique visitors, repeat visitors, drop off points, bounce rates (they stole our term!). Soon you’ll be spending all your time on your analytics page pondering what the statistics mean. We’ll help with that too. Come see us. We’re sure to treat you like the unique visitor that you are.

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