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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany

+49 30 24041420


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Digital Consulting

Knowledge For Your Benefits

Digital Consulting Is Our Knowledge For Your Benefits.

Digital Consulting is how to be ahead of your competition, a tool to upskill and inform you, and an affordable way to drive efficiencies, reduce stress and save money.

A Bouncing Orange Digital Consultation unpacks jargon giving you access to our digital smarts, expertise, and experience. It also levels the playing field by empowering you to make informed apples v apples decisions as you interact with digital agencies. You move from being a buyer to an informed negotiator where your knowledge drives proper decision making, removes blind spots, tactics, bullying and power dynamics from the early stages of the sales process. We remove the smoke and mirrors giving you the right questions ensuring you get the right answers.

We’ll start by helping you create a Brief – so your potential suppliers have a clear understanding about what you’re looking to achieve.

We’ll then work to prepare what’s called a Scoping document, detailing a full list of technical requirements and functionalities involved in your web build. This is a crucial document leading to true and fair comparisons. The consequences of not completing a Scoping document will be extra costs during the build and at the end. Without it, you risk your chosen digital agency missing the mark as they deliver their interpretation of you want, rather than what you actually want. A Bouncing Orange written Scoping document will reduce ambiguity by defining the project, provide a clear path alleviating stress and anxiety, and keep costs from blowing out.

We’ll then help you to go to market, selecting the digital agencies you’d like to receive proposals from. Once the proposals are in, we’ll sit with you to understand, analyse and unpack each submission, looking at comparative strengths, weaknesses and other success factors involved in your build. If required, we’ll make recommendations as you select your digital agency to engage and move forward with.

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