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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany

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Display And Banner Advertising

Did Someone Say Look At Me?

Display And Banner Advertising.
Did Someone Say Look At Me?

We currently live in what’s called an “Attention Economy”. In our fast paced, time poor, ever changing electronic world, there has been an explosion in ways to get peoples’ attention. It’s no longer about a full -page ad in the local newspaper placed on the right-hand side. That’s old school. Or a heavy (read: expensive) TV ad schedule. Time is now more limited, and with that comes opportunities and advantages.
Display and Banner advertising are effective, efficient and creative way to catch peoples’ attention with an invitation for them to learn more. How? If your content is good enough, customers will reward you by clicking your ad and visiting your site. And what bigger complement is there than someone being willing to give you their attention and their time. Let’s just hope your website is up to scratch so you can convert that customer attention into sales.
Bouncing Orange produce eye-catching effective online banners using the latest in both design techniques and content ideas. As with all our work, our approach is to use insights about your customer to shape the creative direction of your ads. Why customer insights? We believe if people get the sense you talk their language, you show you understand their lives (and their pain points), then they are going to feel like you understand them, and will be more receptive to you. After all, what is a friend but someone who understands you. We’re friends whose purpose is to make you new friends.
Clients use display and banner ads to complement your advertising efforts elsewhere. For example, if you are running a TV or radio campaign, then it makes complete sense for us at Bouncing Orange to design artwork that uses the same creative direction as what you are already running. In doing so, your customers have a consistent message. Our ideas also extend to developing campaigns designed to drive your AdWords or web optimisation programme. After all, at Bouncing Orange, we are all about Thoughtful Digital.
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