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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany

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E-Marketing (EDM)

A Letterbox In Front Of Your Customers’ Eyes


It’s not so long ago we used to go out to the letterbox to get the mail. Now it’s a given people subscribe to multiple newsletters where the content is delivered directly to their hand (or more accurately, eyes), no more walking. Thinking all the shoe businesses being put out of business!

Bouncing Orange are huge fans of e-newsletters (or e-dms) for this very reason. They’re a superb opportunity to communicate with customers who have signalled they want to hear from you. How good is that? People sitting there waiting for your mail. Now. Wow! This very fact means you’ve done your job well, for they are engaged enough to want to know more. They question now is – how can it be enhanced?

Bouncing Orange will assist you with in your e-marketing efforts in a number of ways:

  • Design branded templates bringing your logo and brand look to life
  • Assist with the development of copy (words) or stories (a narrative), the purpose of which is to engage and inspire
  • Assist with the execution/distribution of your e-newsletters
  • Advise on appropriate metrics for measurement and success factors.

Our Experience

with e-marketing leads us to advocate customer focussed content, and not simply product focussed communication. We encourage you to take your business hat off, and think like a customer. For example, an e-newsletter strategy focussed solely on product descriptions has a limited engagement time before even the most engaged reader bore of your message content. Unless you take the time to demonstrate why your readers should pay attention to your content, it’s very easy to avoid, or even worse, delete. And that is the downside of e-marketing. That nasty x button at the top of outlook – aka, the delete button. Customers, like us, are time poor, so unless your words and ideas are well communicated, you risk depleting the database of happily engaged, willing readers eager to hear from you. That’s where we can help. Click here to make your words more engaging.

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