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Let’s be clear. Our purpose at Bouncing Orange is to

  • enhance what you are currently doing so you are more appealing
  • drive increased sales as a result of this better approach.

Remarketing is a fantastic tool to drive your sales. Think of it as a friendly tap on the shoulder … Psst, I think you forgot something, come back and see me. Say you’re online looking for airfares at www.qantas.com or www.virginaustralia.com. On this occasion it’s just research, so you’re checking out dates and fares, noting whether there are any difference flying on Saturday or Sunday. You close that web page and move on, now checking www.wotif.com. As you scroll through looking for accommodation you see an airline ad for the destination you were just looking. What the? Is that just an amazing co-incidence or what, you were just on that site. How did they know? The airline ad is remarketing at work. The airline is tapping you on the shoulder, inviting you to revisit their page … Psst, I think you forgot something, come back.

Remarketing delivers your business to your web visitors once they have left your site. Used cleverly, Remarketing is an engaging, fun part of your customer experience. Badly or predictably used, remarketing is boring and an expense that won’t work (the way to avoid this is to put time and effort into understanding what your customers want and use as the focus of your ad). Bouncing Orange create remarketing ads understanding they are great sales (and brand) opportunities because they target people who have shown an interest in you by visiting your site. They’re an opportunity to convert a lead into a sale because they are a ‘live prospect’, and as such, they need our full suite of brand and marketing thinking to help them along their sales journey toward buying from you.

Even More Exciting,

remarketing gives you the opportunity to talk to people on the multiple websites they use, not the one you choose.

  • With remarketing, your message is spread across multiple channels. Rather than choosing one channel to devote your marketing efforts to (say Facebook), remarketing understands effective reach is talking to people across multiple sites, so that’s how your ads run
  • Remarketing allows you to match your message to the stage your customer is at. For example, if some gets all the way to check out on your site, but at the last minute opts out, remarketing allows you to segment your marketing lists tailoring your message to the fact that your customer may have been price matching, so left your site and gone to another. This is how remarketing can be exciting and engaging, because it addresses real customer factors looking to drive behaviour change.

We’d love you to click here to learn more about ways a Bouncing Orange remarketing campaign will enhance your online marketing effectiveness. If not, look out for us online, if you see our ad you’ll know it’s our remarketing at work.

Contact us for a conversation with us to enhance your re-marketing campaign starting today.

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