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Humans Are Pro-Social Creatures

Social Media

Ever wondered why the phenomena is social media has exploded to the extent it has? Wondered why people feel an addiction to check their Facebook page – 3 times a day? Been confuzzul’d (yes, that word is actually ‘confused’, but it’s not said like that anymore in the post-internet generation– keep up!) so … ever been confuzzul’d at the seemingly relentless stream of ‘enhanced’ faces on your Facebook wall?

For an explanation, we don’t have to look much further than an essential element of humanity: we’re social creatures – and it’s in our genes to interact with each other. As much as the Western world is (currently) crafted around the belief in Individuality, Social Media reveals another side to humanity. And that side could actually be stronger.

The question now becomes, how can we harness this for your business?

Our Approach At

Bouncing Orange is to take this deeper human truth into account when developing your social media strategy. Humans are herd creatures, we love to be part of something, and that love leads to an intense desire to interact with other members of our ‘tribe’ or group. Sometimes the interaction is meaningful and on point, other times it’s trivial and acts as a distraction, and is purely entertainment in our busy world.

If you’re willing to use us properly, at Bouncing Orange we are custodians for your online brand experience, and in the context of Social Media, it’s not always about you. In fact, for your Social Media to be truly engaging and effective, Bouncing Orange believe it has to be about your customer. Why? Well, a clue is in the name. Social Media. Yes, it’s Social. By very nature, it’s about interaction, social factors, things that bind people together. That’s very different from your website, which customers expect to be all about you, your product and your business.

Social Media at Bouncing Orange is about being intimate with your customers. It’s about showing them you know about their lives, their triumphs, their pains, their dreams. We will cleverly weave in your product and the solution it brings your customers into the stories we tell for you. So, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter, a Bouncing Orange Social Media strategy builds equity in your brand by demonstrating how you are an appealing business by the depth of awareness you show in your online storytelling.

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