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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany

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Understand Your Customer

Your Digital Foot

Bounce is the way to describe our Bouncing Orange websites. Our job is to make your brand, your business, and your produce bounce online. We’ll make you so appealing, compelling and effective your web traffic can’t help but want to choose you. It’s true. Our Bouncing Orange web builds are designed to:

  • Make it easy and enjoyable for your customers to spend time online with you (they’re so good, your customers will even want to come back – and tell their friends)
  • Have your brand and your story front and centre ensuring the layout and design of your site don’t draw unnecessary attention to themselves (what could be worse than an unappealing un-thought through unimaginative unplanned site, ewwww – ugly!)
  • Our websites generate awareness, leads and new business – so don’t think of them as a website, think of them as another salesperson dedicated to selling 24/7 for you

With Bouncing Orange, you’ve got choices on how your site can be built.

  • A fully customised design – where we work with our developers and designers to create a site that is totally unique to you. Note, this is the more expensive choice.
  • A uniquely designed template based website, delivering you a unique look within a pre-organised structure. This is the less expensive choices.

We know you’re already great. That’s a given. Our role is to enhance what you do, making you greater A Bouncing Orange built website will do that.

Web Design & Development
Understand Your Customer

Great websites come from insights about your customer and the knowledge you have regarding their lives. They’re well laid out, easy to navigate, have a content hierarchy to them (both in words and images), have a consistent look across– each page, and if you’re really clever, have lots of white space.

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E-Commerce Your Website
Website Is Another Shopfornt

Remember the early days of online purchasing, when people where ‘afraid’ of buying online. E-what? E-Bay? Nah, never heard of it. And Amazon, they only sell books right? Would you have believed someone who said Amazon would be selling cars in the future? That future is about to arrive.

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Content Management Systems

A Bouncing Orange website has Content Management Systems (CMS) you’ll love. Gone are the days where websites were the secret squirrel realm of pimpled geeks with thick rimmed glasses and a haircut gran would lick her fingers to stick down. Nowadays, we’re very good looking. We’ve upped our game entirely. Now we style our own hair. Ok ok, seriously now (sorry, we got distracted). Using either Squarespace, WordPress or Drupal, our Bouncing Orange CMS systems are super user friendly, so much so they now operate using everyday ‘drop and drag’ computer skills. Being true to our value of enhancing you, Bouncing Orange will also train you in ensuring your drop and drag skills are smooth, within the margins, and with a touch of class.

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Hosting + Domains Somewhere
To Lay Your Hat (Online)

Everyone needs a place to call home and your new website is no exception. At Bouncing Orange we’ve partnered with a respected local web hosting company to provide a range of hosting packages that provide great security and exceptional performance to boot.

We can even manage your email hosting if that’s all you need. Or register your domain name.  Simply call us – we’re the real estate agents of cyberspace!

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