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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany

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Web Design & Development

Understand Your Customer.

Web Design & Development.
Understand Your Customer.

Great websites come from insights about your customer and the knowledge you have regarding their lives. They’re well laid out, easy to navigate, have a content hierarchy to them (both in words and images), have a consistent look across– each page, and if you’re really clever, have lots of white space.

But that’s not all, there’s more to it. If you’ve read other industry sites, you’ll be familiar with the term UX – referring to User Experience. UX is generally understood as the process of enhancing the usability and accessibility of your website and the online experience. The idea is to make it as pleasurable as possible. If you’re starting with the list of features explained above, UX seems reasonable, right?

At Bouncing Orange, we go one step further than UX, focussing on CX – Customer Experience. While we don’t want to baffle you with jargon, the difference is good to know. The difference is the big picture. Customer Experience takes into account all ways people interact with you across all media, be they online, traditional media (print, tv, radio, outdoor), social and digital (Facebook and ads) and their in-business experience of you. Customer Experience understands your website is one part of the whole picture, where customers don’t treat your website in isolation, they are interacting with you in a plethora of other ways. An example will help: if yours is an online business, CX acknowledges there is a next step to your website, and your customer experience does not stop there. The next step is product packaging, dispatch and delivery. They’re all touch points along the road to a sale where your insights about your customer and their wants can elevate you above your competition. So, while UX delivers information on your website quickly and easily, Customer Experience delivers a positive experience consistent with your broader service delivery. Our purpose is to enhance what you’re currently doing, taking a holistic approach bringing your web presence more closely in-line with the rest of the experience your customers’ have with your business.

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